The Remediation of Russian Avant-Garde Poetry



“The Remediation of Russian Avant-Garde Poetry,” Bibliothèque numérique Paris 8, accessed August 18, 2017,

This paper presents my work as a translator and digital editor of Russian avant-garde poetry. It explores the extent to which the work of the translator and the work of the editor overlap in the context of digital editions, where the accessibility of editing tools gives to editors and translators new possibilities to present translations. This overlapping of the translational and editorial work encourages us to think about digital editions in ways that allow for a creative play with original documents on the model of literary translation. Digital editorial projects produce a critical and literary commentary through the digital remediation of the material conditions of the primary moment of production of a text. Jay David Bolter and Richard Grusin call “remediation” the revival of specific media through other media. I am interested in digital editorial projects that purposefully use remediation as a way to interpret literary texts; in other words, projects that use remediation as a form of translation. Remediation as translation is not concerned with the archival, but with the interpretive aspect of the digital reproduction of texts.


remediation, translation, Russian futurism


12/06/2012 - 14/06/2012







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