From Storyspace to Browsers. Translating afternoon, a story into Polish.



“From Storyspace to Browsers. Translating afternoon, a story into Polish.,” Bibliothèque numérique Paris 8, accessed August 18, 2017,

afternoon. a story, the classic hypertext fiction by Michael Joyce, did not wait long after its official release to be translated into other languages: it appeared first in Italian, then in German. In the following decades, after dramatic advances in computer technology made the original environment in which the work was written ever less accessible for readers, translators and publishers, the translational situation of afternoon, a story changed significantly. Today, retaining afternoon’s original format (a stand-alone Storyspace Reader file for Mac and Windows distributed on a CD-Rom) is no longer possible and translators face a series of challenges on several levels, ranging from programming to distribution. In this article, which is based on my experiences in taking part in the translation of Joyce’s computer novel into Polish, I will try to point to those challenges and demonstrate how we have overcome them. Finally I will expose the strongest and the weakest aspects of the solutions our Polish team has devised, some of which might call for future improvements from other teams of translators, programmers and publishers.


translation, afternoon, a story, hypertext, narrative, e-literature, porting, platform studies, software studies


12/06/2012 - 14/06/2012







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